Mothers day gift

Send Gifts for Mother’s Day

Send Gifts around NZ or overseas quickly and economically Is your mum in another city or country? You can send gifts to Australia or Alexandra with our international courier service - we can deliver virtually anywhere around the globe! If…
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Local & Overseas Sending Deadlines 2020

Hi there senders, our stores are so chocker with stuff you need delivered at the moment we're giving Santa a run for his money - and it's only October! To avoid any potential pandemic and Christmas related delays this year we suggest you…
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Student Freight Made Easy!

Need cheap freight? We've been studying freight since 2008! Is a move on your curriculum? Need to return back home - within New Zealand or abroad? Whether it's books, bags, beds, bikes, laptops and more - we can get your gear virtually anywhere…
Surfing super Santa
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Move over Santa – you’ve got competition!

LAST CHANCE TO SAVE UP TO 60% OFF* WHEN SENDING GIFTS ABROAD! Panicking about 'packing in' your last minute Christmas sending? Pack & Send appreciate you're under the pump with work commitments, holiday planning, Christmas shindigs and…

Trade Me Car Parts move well on PACK & SEND Freight Service

Send car parts Over the last six years PACK & SEND Riccarton has moved at least three cars - in parts - which have all been sold on Trade Me. Engines, body panels and bumper bars, windscreens, complete exhaust systems and most commonly…
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Sending Small Lithium Batteries by Air Freight – Just how dangerous is your smart phone?

Can you send lithium batteries? Need to send a smart phone, tablet or something similar overseas that is powered by a Lithium Battery? Did you know that these items are regarded as Dangerous Goods and a number of freight, courier companies…