Some of our most popular boxes

Need some robust boxes for your belongings? Your local PACK & SEND stocks sturdy doubled walled boxes for moving and protecting items that you’re sending. There is a wide range of sizes available starting from around $5 (prices vary slightly from store to store).

PACK & SEND also offers professional packaging services for items that are fragile, large, awkward or valuable (FLAV) so if you’re a bit nervous about doing this yourself it’s really worth getting the experts onto it!


Pack & Send Crystal Book Carton
42 x 32 x 36cm

Crystal Carton Box

Pack & Send Removalist/Tea Chest Carton
45x 42 x 63cm

Tea Chest Removalist Box



Pack & Send Cube 500 Carton
52 x 52 x 54cm

Cube box



Pack & Send Square 550 Carton
57 x 57 x 34cm

Carton Box


Cube 300 Carton
31 x 31 x 31cm (single cushion only)

Crystal Carton Box


We also stock other types of packaging and boxes on a store-by-store basis

Customised packaging is also available from some stores for sending wine, laptops, bikes, some types of artwork, snowboards and more. Our service centres may also stock other box sizes and packaging materials for specific items depending on local demand.


                                   Laptop boxart box packagingbike box

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