Prohibited Items

Prohibited Online Items

Prohibited Online Goods are items classified by PACK & SEND as being incompatible for transport through our automated Online Self-Service system.

Prohibited Online Goods may only be sent through the personalised services of a PACK & SEND Retail Service Centre. If you have such goods, phone 0508 722 548 and speak to an expert at one of our Service Centres. There are no limits to how we can help you at the Retail Service Centre.

Please ensure that your goods are not Prohibited Online Goods before you book your automated Online Self-Service order as surcharges do apply under our Terms & Conditions if we collect such goods. You will also be inconvenienced as result of us either holding such goods for you to collect or you paying to have the Goods returned.

Prohibited Online Goods that cannot be sent through the automated Online Self-Service are:

      1. Unpackaged Goods.
      2. Goods that are not packed safely and carefully to a standard as published on our website with the outer packaging and internal cushioning sufficient to protect the goods for shock, vibration, compression and short drops during the handling and sortation process, transport and storage.
      3. Any consignment that has a value in excess of $1,000.
      4. Any single parcel that has an actual weight in excess of 25kg.
      5. Any single parcel that has a cubic volume in excess of 0.1 cubic metres (m³ = length x width x height), or has the longest side measuring more than 160cm for domestic sending, and 120cm for international shipments (surcharges will apply any single parcel over 120cm in length).
      6. Any of the following goods (regardless of how it may be packed by the customer) 
        ○ Antiques
        ○ Any items being consigned for delivery to a PO Box or Locked Bag
        ○ Any items that require collection from Grays Online or other auction houses
        ○ Any ‘click and collect’ items purchased from retailers
        ○ Any ‘Lost & found’ items from airlines or airports
        ○ Artwork, prints, canvas art, paintings, picture frames
        ○ Ashes or human specimens
        ○ Automotive panels
        ○ Bloodstock, livestock or animals
        ○ Cash, coins, bullion, bonds, banknotes, deeds, bills of exchange, credit cards, gift cards, other documents representing money, negotiable items.
        ○ Chilled or frozen meat, seafood or foodstuffs
        ○ Crockery / Ceramics / Vases / Porcelain
        ○ Dangerous Goods (e.g. aerosol cans, flammable items, toxic gases, explosives etc)
        ○ Firearms and parts thereof, ammunition, replica weapons, knives, swords and other weapons
        ○ Furniture – fully assembled furniture or unpacked furniture and bedding
        ○ Glass or goods containing glass
        ○ Household goods removals within New Zealand
        ○ Household goods containing flammable liquids eg. Hand sanitiser, antiseptic wipes
        ○ Inks/Toner cartridges
        ○ Jewellery, gold or silver articles and precious stones or items containing gold, silver or precious stones
        ○ Laptops / Computers / Monitors / Printers
        ○ Lithium or Metal Batteries or products containing these batteries (including mobile phones and laptops)
        ○ Liquids
        ○ Living or dead plants, trees, seeds and flowers
        ○ Marble, quartz, Caesar stone and other stone or imitation stone products
        ○ Mobile Phones
        ○ Motors / motorised vehicles / motor scooters
        ○ Oil or goods containing oil (e.g. motorbikes, gearboxes)
        ○ Palletised goods (or items needing pallet jacks / fork lifts)
        ○ Passports
        ○ Perfume
        ○ Personal effects being shipped internationally eg clothes, personal belongings
        ○ Picture Frames
        ○ Scientific Equipment
        ○ Sculptures
        ○ Televisions / monitors / tablets
        ○ Unaccompanied excess baggage or personal effects for international delivery
        ○ White goods (e.g. clothes dryer, microwave, freezer, fridge, oven, cooking plate, water heater, air conditioner).
        ○ Wine/spirits and beer