valentines day gift packaging
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Sending something fragile for Valentine’s Day?

Business shipping and personal deliveries

Thinking ahead for Valentines Day? Wanting to buy something unique and special? Or, are you a retailer who ships gifts who’s had a hard time coping with courier issues in the past?

Perhaps you are overpacking just to stop your delicate deliveries from breaking during the inherent forces of transportation.

PACK & SEND offers professional and robust packing materials and techniques to protect more fragile items. This is handy also for Trade Me sellers who are retailing gifts that are easily breakable, or for buyers, where the seller won’t ship – because of this exact reason!

valentines sending box

Whether you’re a business who only wants to ship with a trusted courier and freight provider (check out our Google review average!) who specialises in fragile freight, or you’re wanting to transport an item to your loved one, such as artwork or a sculpture for example, this is our forte.

Contact your local courier and freight expert to discuss the best packing and delivery solution for your romantic Valentines Day gift.