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How to robustly wrap your Christmas Parcels

Going DIY? Here’s our top packing tips!

Not using our expert packaging services this time around? We use only the best freight providers around the world however during the pandemic and the pre-Christmas season freight volumes are heavy so it’s better to prepare for the worst case scenario when you’re going it alone by packaging Christmas presents yourself.

Please don’t have the false sense of security that merely adding ‘fragile’ or ‘handle with care’ stickers will prevent parcel damage – follow our top packaging hacks instead:

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Review the maximum weight capacity of each box

Just ask your closest Pack & Send service centre for the maximum weight limit suitable for transporting your gifts and weigh your items in-store before purchasing. Measure and weigh the box just before you book it to be consigned to avoid any unexpected oversize or overweight charges (in case it’s larger or heavier than you first stated).

If you’re sending overseas to South America for example it’s relatively common for Latinos to send one big bundle as a group to one city where they can be dropped off at various locations close by once they arrive.

Select only new, double walled boxes

Please resist using old boxes – they’re quite flimsy and aren’t as strong when protecting more delicate gifts. Double walled (cush) boxes contain two sheets of corrugated cardboard which are firmly glued together for better rigidity and protection.

PACK & SEND only retail this premium option in-store so your parcels are more likely to arrive safely at their destinations. Your closest PACK & SEND retails a range of sizes and shapes to more closely match the most frequently sent items also less padding materials will be required.

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Internal fillers are key

It’s great to use a sturdy box but if your fragile item is rattling around and risking breakage this defeats the purpose! Internal packaging such as bubble wrap, shredded cardboard or foam chips reduce movement inside the box and provide extra cushioning, and yet another layer of protection. It’s child’s play though for your local PACK & SEND team to find the exact right filler for your package – and no the toddler didn’t put any foam chips in it’s mouth btw, it’s a photography trick!

Please allow at least 50-100mm of padding depending on the fragility of the parcel you’re sending. Note that if the proportion of the gift to the overall box size is low, use even more filler to avoid internal damage as much as possible.


Seal boxes well

When sealing your parcels, ensure you use strong and wide parcel tape to fasten them. Tape around all of the edges (and underneath) to strengthen the corners and prevent the box from falling open in transit.

Tape in an ‘H’ pattern

  1. Fold two of the smaller box flaps in followed by the two larger ones.
  2. Seal the edges of the cardboard box going across the whole length of the box where the flap edges join. 
  3. Seal the edges of the cardboard box going across the whole length of either side of the box where the flaps were closed.

Send pleasant surprises only!

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We don’t advise that you DIY your really fragile or valuable Christmas gifts so alternatively visit us in-store so we can show you a range of other more advanced packaging options and methods such as foam in place.

As ‘fragile freight is our forte’ we’ll do our utmost best to transport packages safely around the globe daily during our busy season however getting your packaging sorted avoids any unwanted Christmas Day disappointments! Call in-store if you need our freight experts to give you advice on your seasonal sending or get a quote online.

Send NOW
As we’ve previously alerted you to in our last post, there are currently huge freight delays around the globe and the pre-Christmas volume is adding to the strain, please call in to your closest Pack & Send service centre now so your loved ones don’t end up receiving their gifts in 2022!