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Our favourite sending hacks!

We deliver oodles of items around the world every day so we’ve got some terrific tips we’d like to share to help save your precious time! Whether you’re a business, a Trade Me seller or you frequently send parcels to the grandkids – here are some tricks our stores have learned along the way!  

Choose a queue-friendly, service-centric freight solutions company

If you don’t want to be stuck behind a bunch of people or someone paying their power bills choose a delivery service that offers a same or next day pick up and fast drop off options. Look for a reliable sender with a stellar rep who has many convenient locations across the country where you’ll rock on up to their store and be served promptly. Worried about damage? If you can find someone to do expert packaging and sending under one roof you’re basically home and hosed.



Do you zone out when businesses say how great their service is?

Yes it’s getting a bit bland! Did you know that many Pack & Send stores are owner operated and take pride in going the extra mile for you? We won’t put you on hold for ages when you call and we’ll go above and beyond to give you the best advice, protect your items via our specialised packing methods, find a carrier who perfectly suits your needs and we help take care of the copious paperwork for international sending. Above all…we provide you with a genuinely unmatched personalised service.

Have you got your recipient’s delivery and contact details correct?

Seems like a no-brainer but this will save you any dramas in-store, and later on before sending your items away!

If you can’t stand those “sorry we missed you” delivery cards…

The best way to avoid these is to send to a business address, where someone will always be available during the usual opening hours. Rather get it delivered to your home? We also have an Authority to Leave option (ATL) which you can request so you can receive a delivery without having to be home or sign for it. You can also send your item to a local Pack & Send store to be picked up.

Get professional packaging for fragile goods

It’s the Kiwi way to do-it-yourself but we’d strongly suggest, especially with fragile items that you call your nearest store to discuss whether DIY packing will be sufficient.  We have some pretty groovy gadgets like foam in place and specialised packing materials (that you may not have even heard of!) that protect your delicate items. If you package items yourself please note you are only eligible to take out a ‘loss only’ warranty with Pack & Send.

Pre-empt any customs dramas!

Prevent unnecessary customs clearance delays and accurately declare all items and values, your local Pack & Send store also knows what labeling terms that customs get suspicious of.  Make sure your declaration is accurate unless you want a delayed delivery date as customs at the other end may extend the ETA. Speak with your local Pack & Send store about receiving country requirements.

packing sending tips

Take into account potential fees and charges for the receiver such as shipping items of value to particular countries. The recipient may incur duties, fees and charges so let them know that the onus is on them to prevent any issues down the line.

Leave it to us

Relax and hand it over to the professionals. We know you’re busy! To save time and potential grief we recommend a “full service” delivery – just get the whole hog. Let us do the paperwork, pack, ship and appropriately label your goods – we’re the team that do this all day and every day! Especially fragile, large, awkward and valuable items. Logistics by nature can be fraught with risks such as carriers damaging items, reduce the chance of this happening by asking for full service!

Soon you’ll be able to book online

Fancy arranging your parcel pick up and delivery 24/7 from the comfort of your cosy bed?! We’ll soon be offering a new and affordable online self-service booking options for pre-packed, non-fragile parcels weighing up to 30kgs.

Take a warranty out

It goes without saying that particularly for special or valuable goods, having a warranty in place gives you peace of mind knowing that your items will be covered in the off-chance that they are lost or damaged in transit.

Public holidays/Inclement weather

Watch those public holidays especially if you’re on a sending deadline, also there could be unexpected delays. Avoid sending time sensitive packages during long public holiday weekends, note that our stores are closed on public holidays. If you’re sending abroad check international holidays at your destination.

bad weather freight delays

If the weather is turning to custard in certain parts of the country that you are sending from or delivering to, most forms of transport could experience delays. Check our Facebook page or call your local Pack & Send store for any major updates.

Now you’ve got some insider info save time sending your items and contact your closest Pack & Send store now.