cheap excess baggage

Been told to ‘suck it up’ by the airlines when questioning surplus luggage fees?

Want to send clothing locally or around the globe on a tight budget? Out of suitcases? 

Pack & Send can shrink your accompanied baggage and save you costs on shipping clothing items overseas. While our tea-chest boxes are one of the most popular sized boxes you request, if you’re sending personal effects overseas we can save you money by vacuum packaging your items.

Concerned about excess baggage charges for flights?

Pack & Send are extremely competitive when you’re sending luggage overseas. If you’re finding excess luggage fees too expensive or you just want to take more clothes with you on holiday pop into Pack & Send and pick up a space saver bag. If you’re not so handy with the vacuum cleaner – our friendly store teams can do this for you.

Want to reduce the dimensions of personal items?

Two or three suitcase loads could become one! Compress your gear and purchase a storage saver bag from your closest store (120cm x 80cm) and do it DIY.

Want easy storage? Messy wardrobes can also be a thing of the past using our storage space savers, you can triple your available space by vacuum packing your items.

Whether you’re worried about excess baggage rates or lack of space in a small bedroom we can help. Save money and Request a quote or contact your nearest Pack & Send store today.

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