Relocating around NZ or overseas? Need recreational gear moved? Christmas gift sending?

If you have more than just sending gifts on your mind Pack & Send can help with all of your End of Year freight needs. We have Sea and Air Freight rates to suit all budgets and deadlines.

Time to move freight

Plan ahead for the crazy season now with us. Whether your office lease is up and you’re on the move, or you need to transport personal effects and recreational items so they await you when you move back overseas – we’ll make it happen.  

We get it – it’s pretty overwhelming at this time of the year, work is ramping up, you’re making Christmas plans, your kids may have moved back home after studies, or you could be sending gifts or relocating overseas. Pack & Send can bear the brunt of it so you can focus on the important stuff such as making holiday plans. Don’t forget we can also help with your oversized baggage from ‘excessive’ vacations!

Relocating? Less than a roomful is our gig – yes furniture movers aren’t so fussed on small loads but it’s Pack & Send’s forte. We also ship IT equipment and office furniture around the country daily, and we move small household loads across the globe.

We can deliver your gear overseas for a super competitive price whether it’s by sea or air, especially you’re off to U.S.A, Asia, Canada, UK, Europe or Australia.

If packing’s not your bag we offer a specialised service and warranty to protect your items and give you a range of freight options through our courier, sensitive freight and international shipping services.

Now, you get back to your Christmas shopping list while we handle your end of year delivery needs!

Call 0508 722 548 now, drop into your closest store or get a customised quote.