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What’s happening at your closest Pack & Send Service Centre?

Level 2

Aside from recommended hygienic practices (which includes staff wearing masks, scanning and sanitising in-store plus contactless deliveries) it’s basically business as usual!

Level 3

During Level 3 our service centres  are still operating offering 100% contactless pick ups and deliveries. We encourage you to only book an appointment with us via phone or online during this time.

Level 4

Our service centres are still operating behind closed doors offering 100% contactless pick up and delivery. Please only contact us via phone and online during Level 4. We can also now send non essential freight during this period.

Freight delays

These can be expected at the moment in and out of Auckland (due to border control measures).

Online Self-service

Note our online self-service platform reopens on 13th Sept.

Important information

  • Please contact us via phone and online during Level 3 & 4
  • We can now send non and essential items at Level 4
  • Please ensure our couriers can deliver safely to your premises with at least 2m distancing
  • Don’t send items to Auckland businesses addresses that are closed
  • Please only book your pick ups and deliveries by phoning or emailing our service centres

Thanks and keep boxing on New Zealand!