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Can you still courier your parcels or receive items in lockdown?

7th September Update

Yes we’re still operating at Level 3 & 4 for non essential and essential deliveries, our online self-service platform reopens on 13th Sept.

In Level 2 (apart from hygienic practices including staff wearing masks, scanning and sanitising in-store plus contactless deliveries) it’s basically business as usual!


Our service centres are still here to help pack & send your worries away as much as possible during the lockdown period. If you need some important items picked up and delivered or you’re an essential business we are still offering ‘behind closed doors’ services for essential services and items. We’re still providing contactless pickups and deliveries and prefer that you only book online or via phone to keep us all as safe as possible at this time.

What are essential items and non-food essential items?

The ‘Essential Items’ definition is intended to cover things that are a necessity of life ie. food, medicine, baby items, healthcare and related supplies and equipment. It is difficult to be prescriptive about what an essential product is and it is beyond our expertise to list every item here. MBIE’s latest release mentions that Essential Items cover only those products that keep people nourished, warm and maintain peoples health.

MBIE’s latest news release stipulates that the Government has decided that the sale of non-food essential goods will be now allowed – in recognition of the need for people to safely isolate, stay connected to one another and work or study from home. Non-food essential items which we can also now pick up and deliver may include, for example, blankets, heaters, kitchenware & appliances, whiteware, computer equipment, & mobile phones.Untitled design 14


It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure all Government requirements, including all COVID-19 Level 4 requirements, are understood and complied with. For more info please use this resource and for the latest updates regarding ordering and the delivery of essential non food items go here. Thanks again for your cooperation with helping us to prioritise important shipments so we get them to people and business who need them the most.

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