essential business deliveries

We’re still open and while our retail stores’ in-store services are temporarily closed during the Level 4 lockdown period, as an Essential Business provider we are still ‘Open behind closed doors’ offering contactless freight services such as pickups and deliveries (local and international) for essential and non essential items. Note our online self-service will be turned off when any part of the country is in Alert Level 4.

If you need freight packed, picked up and delivered please contact your closest service centre via email or phone only to arrange pick up. Note that physical distancing protocols must be adhered to when our couriers are collecting your parcels.

Categories of non-food consumer products that are essential include:

• necessary clothing, footwear and bedding

• urgently required white ware and appliances: such as fridges, heaters, washing machines and dryers, vacuum cleaners, fans and dehumidifiers

• urgently required cooking, cleaning and laundry equipment

• medicinal and hygiene products: such as medication, PPE, first aid products, soaps, shampoos, moisturisers and hand sanitisers

• urgently required items for transport maintenance: such as bike and automotive parts and repair kits

• materials for urgent home repair

• urgently required communication devices: such as mobile phones, computer equipment, modems and internet equipment, televisions and radios

• urgently required educational materials and books

• urgently required home office equipment

Categories of non-food consumer products that are not essential include: 

• exercise, sporting and outdoor recreation equipment: such as weights, indoor training machines, sports rackets and balls, and pool


• entertainment and hobby products: such as gaming consoles, knitting wool, trampolines and swings

• beauty products: such as make up

Do you sell essential goods are those that will keep people warm (heaters, blankets), key household appliances and computers, and health items?

As you may know businesses are now able to sell essential non-food consumer products, provided they do so in a way that protects the public and minimises the risk of COVID-19 spreading. Examples of these essential products are blankets, fridges, heaters and computers or tablets to work from home or do distance learning, or simply connect with people. Your closest PACK & SEND service centre can help!

As you’ll be aware by now PACK & SEND is considered an essential service and will continue to deliver essential products for businesses deemed essential by the Government during level 4. Following our previous updates we’d like to remind you that in addition to sending essential items we are only assisting businesses that are indeed classified as essential and we’re happy to continue to provide contactless collection and delivery services for you. If your business is part of a supply chain for essential businesses, you can continue to supply those critical products and services to essential businesses only.

It is important that you keep us up to date if anything changes to the classification of your business, the onus will not be on PACK & SEND to check whether you are or aren’t ‘essential’ and we will continue to need the latest information from you in order to maintain our efficient logistics operations.

Please monitor any changes to the Government’s updates to essential services criteria. If your position has changed or you have not sent us through your change of details please contact your closest service centre on 0508 722 548. Feel free to contact us if you have any other queries at this time. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure all Government requirements, including all COVID-19 Level 4 requirements, are understood and complied with. Stay well!