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Visa and Immigration documents sent safely and securely with Pack & Send

About to send immigration documents?

In the past six months PACK & SEND has been the recommended company to send and retrieve visa and immigration documentation from foreign Embassies and Consulates throughout the world with our “There and Back”international courier service.

“Our There and Back international courier service allows our customer to send their visa and immigration documentation via our express courier service with full track and trace to the Embassy or Consulate then, when the documentation is ready to be picked up, we arrange for everything to come back” says Nathan Paul, PACK & SEND’s National Operations Manager.

Being part of a world-wide network allows PACK & SEND to provide services and capabilities that other courier or postal service providers can’t do.

“Arranging a pick up in a foreign country can be difficult and time-consuming, not to mention language barriers and time zone differences, and this falls into the ‘too hard basket’ for most carriers. We offer the ability to arrange the pick up on behalf of our customers and have everything returned as quickly as possible” adds Nathan Paul.

This service is not limited to documents. Individuals and businesses have also used this service for sending tenders and samples, artworks for exhibition, and laptops and other IT equipment for updating or calibration with PACK & SEND to ensure both the safe sending and return of their items from an overseas destination.

To learn more about PACK & SEND’s international courier services contact your local PACK & SEND store and discuss your “There and Back” requirements with one of the team.

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