What the FLAV?

Come on, don’t waste time and energy trying to do the Kiwi DIY packing thing – leave it to the experts. It really is an art form these days.

Yes, we’re talking about trying to package fragile items yourself. If you need to get delicate items to their destination safely Pack & Send have trained specialists who are truly the experts when it comes to custom packaging and crating items that scares the bejesus out of most freight companies!

So what’s FLAV when it’s at home?

  • Fragile
  • Large
  • Awkward
  • Valuable

Leading Logistics Providers for FLAV items

Pack & Send earned its stellar reputation in the FLAV packing and freight market, and we’re still leaders to this day.

What can we offer that’s different? Many people haven’t heard of ‘foam in place’ before however it’s a unique packing process pretty much unique to pack and send for protecting super fragile items. 

We also specialise in sourcing the right type of packaging for any items and building first-class custom crates or boxes and using all other resources available to protect your shipment from glass vases to V8 engines.

vivid sydney light sculpture

When other Freight Companies Say NO

Business owner? Perhaps your staff don’t have the time to be packing boxes and office space is too valuable to be storing bulky packaging supplies. Rely on us to sort it all for you.

From one fragile, large, awkward, valuable item to a thousand, we will find the solution that suits your requirements. We’re the freight provider that sculptors and artists trust around the globe.

For added ‘peace of mind’, if we pack your item we can also offer a warranty to protect for loss and damage.

Whether you’re shipping IT equipment or valuable antiques we can handle it, contact your closest store now for a quote.