Interesting Things We Send

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bw art with flowers


tiger wall art

Angel 1


dinosaur statue

feather art

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statue packing




No two days are the same in our PACK & SEND service centres, while we package and deliver a lot of everyday stuff we’ve always specialised in sending Fragile, Large, Awkward & Valuable items (FLAV).

Why the heck would someone trust us with their artwork, sculptures, antiques and leadlight windows, we hear you ask?! We have specialised packaging techniques and freight services just for FLAV items. Check out at our online reviews foryour peace of mind, we take on the jobs other freight companies are often reluctant to do yet we still rate 4.7 stars on average on Google Reviews across our network!

Read more about our sensitive freight service, packaging options or contact your closest store if you have a specific query about whether or not we can send something of yours that could be tricky to ship. If your query is more around what you can or can’t send please see our info on sending prohibited goods.