Pack & Send Albany & Whangerei Teen Help ‘Prop Up’ Womens Rugby in Mozambique

Albany answers African athletes

Answering an advertised opportunity by ADEDAR asking for donated rugby gear to make a positive difference to women rugby players in Mozambique, Kiwi teenager Jacqui Cameron came to the party collecting gear from generous donors. She was a bit stuck though trying to find a company who could help out with such an expensive shipment to Africa so her mum approached our Albany service centre to see what they could do.

Owner Robert McDowell kindly offered to subsidise half the freight cost of the initial consignment for 20kg worth of rugby equipment. Jacqui made up the other 50 per cent with her own fundraising efforts and “Bob’s your uncle”, well in this case – the logistics provider!

Robert felt this was a particularly worthy cause and that it was privilege to help out. Heartened that a 13 year old would be so interested in making such an effort to support women’s sport in a distant country he decided to do his bit. Great stuff both of you!

Pack & Send Albany with Shipment