Our Ladies in Logistics Celebrate International Women’s Day

Traditionally the freight industry has attracted more men than women however Pack & Send New Zealand has six female service centre owners who are boxing clever with their thriving businesses.

Rita Krishna from Pack & Send Manukau City gives us her thoughts:

Typically more men work in logistics, what drew you to this career pathway?

This is where we need to change the perception of this industry. When one talks about Freight and Logistics everyone’s perception is that it only involves moving and lifting! The industry being classed within the manufacturing sector has for some reason contributed to the fact that it’s more male dominated. For me being a woman in logistics isn’t an issue, I have always believed that I am in a role to do a job. The field of Logistics suffers from the poor perception of its limited career opportunities. This has therefore lead to a gender and skills gap.

Are there any challenges you face being a woman in the industry? If not, do you feel there are advantages instead?

Not really, I went in knowing this is male dominated, it all comes down to building your brand. I guess you can assure yourself that you are accepted in the role of your abilities.

As a mum, how have you juggled your commitments at work and at home?

To some extent it has changed things a little bit but I have a very supportive family and husband who helps with our 5 year old. We take turns to spend time with her so we don’t miss out on any activities. The good thing is that the business has a 9 to 5 operation and we are loving daylight savings!

What are the highlights of running a Pack & Send store?

This franchise already ticking all the boxes for me. Opening a new business is never easy but Pack & Send’s award-winning system is already proving its worth. On my first day of operation I had a host of enquiries and business is growing fast. It’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Even though I only opened my store in October 2017 and I can see my future here and I think I am in it for the long run!

Does your current role as a Pack & Send store owner differ to your last one, if so in what way?

It does differ in a way when you are an owner operator and you try and fit into ten different roles in a day. You are your own receptionist, sales & marketing department, you also pack and book carriers and manage your accounts etc. At the end of the day all this comes back to you when you realise this is your own business and you are working for yourself to be successful.

What would you advise other women looking at following in your footsteps

You can still wear your skirt and dress and work in logistics! Be mindful though you might want to change into steel capped boots and pants or tights if you know you are in the warehouse for a day!

Logistics does not only involve moving, lifting and being in the warehouse pick packing and driving forklifts. The roles are varied, if you are good at accounting, sales and marketing, customer service – you can dream of working in a freight forwarding or logistics centre. BUILD YOUR OWN BRAND and venture out and seek out roles of interest to you. There is logistics involved in every sector of the business world which gives you never-ending opportunities to be in this industry and to be successful.

The Logistics industry should work towards making changes to attract a more diverse workforce. It is very important however that women are hired in positions where they can give visibility in their roles, provide encouragement and inspire other women. It should promote the scope of opportunities available to women. A woman is running this country, a woman being in a male dominated industry should be a thing of the past!