Shipping Computers Internationally

Shipping Computers Internationally?

Shipping Computers & IT Equipment?

Not sure where to start when sending computers, gaming and IT gear locally or globally?

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Specialised Packaging

Firstly you’ll need the right packaging service for the job which makes all the difference during the transport of computers and electronics – a robustly packed
item helps to withstand any natural movements and pressures inherent with the delivery process.

Fragile Freight Service

Next you’ll need to choose the most suitable shipping option for more delicate items such as laptops, gaming computers, graphics cards, simulators, printers etc.

Pack & Send is renown for its sensitive and fragile freight service and we have large national contracts in place for regularly delivering IT equipment and printers for
reconditioning. Whether you’re a business needing electronic items shipped in bulk or you want to send one item such as a MacBook we can help!

Sending Computers and IT equipment overseas

We can help with all the boring paper work that is required to ship internationally and offer a warranty if you want extra peace of mind so the experience is so much quicker
and easier for you overall!


Don’t just take our word for it!

“I have a computer building business and use Pack & Send to ship all my computers.

My clients have commented on how well packed my computers have been.
Friendly service, I’ve sent over twenty packages and have had zero issues.

Great stuff Pack & Send Papanui, I would recommend to anyone looking to securely ship anything”. 

Joe Sutton, Sutton Tech


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Pack & Send should be your first choice when is comes to sensitive sending, no matter how fragile, large, awkward or valuable (FLAV) your items are – so call your closest Pack & Send today for a quote.