Delivering ‘peace of mind’ for your consignments.

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The PACK & SEND Warranty provides loss or damage protection for our customers.

Why do I need a Warranty?

Transport companies aim to provide a distribution service for their customers that is affordable and encompasses reliability, timeliness, and safe delivery. However, at common law, carriers have onerous legal obligations placed on them to ensure the safe arrival of goods. To minimise the transport charges to the community, all carriers throughout the world disclaim on their ‘consignment notes’ any liability at common law for loss or damage of the goods they carry.

All freight companies therefore, offer to carry the freight under conditions that place the risk of loss or damage on the owner of the goods. Unfortunately, mishaps do occasionally occur, causing loss or damage to a client’s goods. Our warranty endeavours to provide protection for these potential events.

How does it work?

The PACK & SEND Warranty is easy. PACK & SEND clients need to simply request our warranty whilst organising their consignment. A PACK & SEND representative will advise whether the goods are eligible for our warranty.

If PACK & SEND agree to provide you with our warranty then we agree to deliver the goods in the condition that the goods were delivered to us. If the goods are lost whilst in our care we will pay you the value of the goods to the amount you have nominated on the PACK & SEND consignment note. If the goods are damaged whilst in our care, we will pay you the reasonable cost of repair up to the amount nominated on the PACK & SEND consignment.

The PACK & SEND warranty is for the physical loss or damage and does not include consequential loss.

Limits and Exclusions

No Limits on most goods.

PACK & SEND offers its customers protection against loss or damage to goods in transit for almost any item.

The range of goods protected is far greater than most other freight companies. For example many freight companies do not accept artwork and less still provide any form of cover. PACK & SEND has no limits on the value of the goods to be sent but certain extra procedures are required.

Exclusions apply to a few categories of goods.

Specifically excluded are:

  • Bullion, cash, coins, banknotes
  • Precious stones
  • Deeds, bonds, bills of exchange or other documents representing money
  • Livestock and bloodstock
  • Living plants

Other Exclusions

Our warranty is not available for:

  • International mail
  • Home delivery and leave service

How do I make a claim?

The first step is to inform the PACK & SEND store that consigned your delivery. Contact information can be found on the top left hand side of your PACK & SEND consignment note.

Once we have verified that your consignment was covered under the PACK & SEND warranty, we will send you a claim form to return to the store that handled your consignment along with any relevant supporting documents.

Supporting documents may include photographs, independent quotes, invoices to support your goods valuation, repair invoices etc. Depending on the value of the goods PACK & SEND may require an assessment by our own investigators prior to acceptance of any claim. You must ensure that damaged freight or packaging is not repaired or disposed of until you have received advice to do so by PACK & SEND.