On the move to Australia?

Shipping your Belongings to Australia

Pack & Send has become synonymous with competitive international courier sending to Aussie however many of our service centres have been receiving queries recently from people contemplating a move to Australia.

Due to imminent travel flexibility across the Tasman, higher wages and beckoning beaches our customers are wondering if we can ship anything from personal effects to a household, and the answer is – yes we sure can!

Whether you have a few suitcase or a container full, Pack & Send can help facilitate your move to Australia and help make the process as stress-free as possible.

move belongings to australia

Air vs Sea Freight

Many of you believe it’s always cheaper to send via sea, however it’s usually much faster and more economical to send a mountain bike, excess baggage or a standard box full  for example, by air.

If you’re sending a whole house lot of items then yes ocean shipping would be your best bet, but just remember to book this way ahead of your move and ask your closest Pack & Send to coordinate the delivery times with your pending arrival.

Moving to Aussie in 2022?

It’s a busy time navigating such a large transition and you’ve got lots of ducks to line up in a row so let us help you with the hassle! Our friendly, locally owned service centres are ready to make life easier for you, just give them a call to find out what’s involved so you can jump the ditch without a hitch!

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