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Student, tourist or backpacker wanting to sending excess baggage back home?

We hear all the time at Pack & Send that you believe you’re being held to ransom from your airline when it comes to excess baggage fees! We know you want to send excess luggage abroad without needing a second mortgage. While airline luggage allowances are shrinking and the fees are always being jacked up our Pack & Send Excess Baggage service provides an easy, low-cost alternative for shipping your excess luggage to virtually any destination across the globe.

Is your airline too restrictive when it comes to the amount of bags, size or weight you’re allowed? That’s not our style! To go a step further we have a range of services available to you that will suit your time frame and budget.

When to use our Excess Baggage service

  • You’ve just ticked your New Zealand OE off your bucket list – wahooo go you!
  • You’re an International Student who’s now just that bit brainier and back off overseas
  • You’re a backpacker who’s savoured the much coveted Kiwi experience and heading homeDon't over load a plane with excess luggage!
  • You’re a tourist who’s spent way too much on yourself in our amazing shopping malls over Christmas
  • You’re Business person with overseas commitments

What’s better Air or Sea Freight?

Not sure? Depending on your requirements we can tweak our services to suit. If you need your excess baggage there before your arrival it’s not a biggie and our International Courier service will  deliver to its intended destination within a couple of days.

If you’re not in a hurry and want to save some coin send your excess baggage home safely and economically with our Economy Sea Freight or Air Freight options.

Man wanting to take excess luggage through check-in

Send Excess Baggage – Pack & Send, Bringing it home!

Who wants to be weighed down by carrying their extra luggage around? Convenience is our gig. Drop it off or we’ll pick it up for you! Just can’t sneak that whopper of a suitcase past the boarding staff? Isn’t it bloody annoying after dragging all of your gear to the airport to add insult to injury when you arrive at the check-in counter you discover you’re over your baggage allowance and up for an ‘excessive’ luggage fee.

Fill your airline’s coffers even more – or call your Pack & Send store! 

When all you want to do is get home and sleep off your jet lag or start an exciting new life abroad you can trust Pack & Send to prevent any stress and arrange the delivery of your belongings right to your door. Even better, we’ll pick up your baggage from your accommodation or you can drop it off to one of our stores New Zealand wide.

Wanting to send excess baggage? Look no further than Pack & Send who’ll bring it home!