After a Postal Courier – NZ or International?

Top Rated Courier – New Zealand & Overseas Deliveries

Why queue behind people paying their bills if you need a tracked international parcel that will arrive without unwarranted delays?

Also, have you tried to send large items or fragile belongings and get frustrated when you can’t find an expert packing service or
your item is too long or oversized?

Have you been looking for a postal courier only to find your local postal agency has closed down?

Want better sending rates?
On the 1st of October 2021 we released even better, competitive new courier rates plus a new smaller courier satchel option!

Pack & Send have the highest (by far) average Google reviews in the Courier NZ Category for the regions we cover
across the country. Our customer feedback continually mentions a comparison of Pack & Send to postal couriers, our excellent
level of service, competitive pricing, timely arrival of local and international shipments and the care and attention to detail that our
service centres provide when packing your precious belongings.

Postal courier service save time and money

Post Courier not cutting the mustard?

Has your postal courier lost an item or has it travelled the world only to then return back and forth to various NZ depots
(think of a recent Fair Go program!)? Perhaps you need to talk to your closest Pack & Send service centre!

When it comes to pricing for post vs courier often people think Pack & Send is more expensive however apples for apples
we beat postal courier costs in most parcel size brackets. While we don’t specialise in sending tiny parcels across town
they are now even cheaper -plus you can still book a courier pick up via our online self-service platform to save money on your courier
(NZ) deliveries.

Parcel Sending NZ

If you’re about to post a parcel that’s fragile, large, awkward or valuable Pack & Send also provide a range of packing solutions to robustly
protect your item. We also provide specialised carriers and sensitive freight services when required for a range of delicate items no matter
how huge, or small.

Sending via Tracked International Parcel?

People often search ‘send a parcel to overseas’, and international shipping is the largest component of what we do. So how much to ‘send a
parcel international’? It all depends on the nature of the item, the origin and destination, the service you request, if a warranty or packaging
is required and of course the volumetric weight.

Whether you’re after a DIY international delivery or you book through our service centres our carriers can ship your belongings fast,
and safely around the globe.

A recent Facebook convo on our page..

“I would rather drive my parcel to a destination than ever use NZ Post again. They’ve let me down so many times it makes me angry.
Can’t wait to try Pack & Send”. Denise Wedderburn

“You won’t be disappointed. I have sent several parcels to Queensland and delivery is always within a matter of days. The team are
awesome to deal with. Nothing is too much trouble and you know exactly where your parcel is every step of the way. Can’t recommend
them enough”. Diane Carrington

Still after a postal courier?

We’ll leave it to you to decide who you ship your precious items through however we welcome you to contact our Courier and Freight
experts at your closest Pack & Send service centre.