“We got our boxes delivered Christmas Eve so it was like Santa had arrived, thanks for the awesome service provided”.

New Beginnings in Asia?

We hope you’re all off to a great start to the New Year! We’d like to wish Keiran Read all the best for 2020 with his recent move to Japan to play for Toyota Verblitz. Our Riccarton service centre gave him a helping hand to get his family’s personal effects shipped to his new home and we’re glad he chose a ‘top league’ Courier and Freight provider for his International Sending. Love the sweater!

Did you know that PACK & SEND specialises in shipping globally including delivery services to Asia? Whether you’re moving to Japan too, or you want us to import or export to Asian countries we provide sea shipping or international courier options.

Economy & Express Air Freight to Asian Destinations

PACK & SEND offers a reliable economy air freight service direct from New Zealand to the door to most Asian countries which is perfect for sending small quantities of personal effects or business shipments. This is the option Keiran chose which is perfect for delivering boxes (such as personal effects) more quickly abroad.

Sea Freight to Japan

If you’re making a move overseas long term we can even ship a whole household via our Sea Freight service. For bulky items, excess baggage or small to medium business exports sea freight is the perfect option for non urgent shipments and usually the most economical way to send larger items internationally.

Send parcels to Asia or Import to New Zealand

You can also arrange smaller shipments to be sent DIY (imports or exports) i if they’re under 25kg via our Online Book & Pay platform.