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Christmas Sending Cut Off Dates

📢🎄 Christmas Cut Off Dates. 📢🎄
Due to high freight volumes at this time of the year please allow at least another couple of days for parcels to arrive at their destination.

⌛⏱️ For International Parcels we suggest that you get all of your sending done by the 13th of December (you will have a little more leeway with closer countries such as Australia), and Domestically we suggest that you get everything sent away by the 18th at the latest.

If you’re sending or importing over the holidays you can still use our Online Book & Pay service throughout the holiday break however please expect carrier and support delays especially around the stat days. It’s super easy, just book your consignment online, pack your parcel and we’ll arrange pick up! Get a quote here.

Online Book Pay Xmas 2

If you have any queries around this contact your closest store.