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When you need to send a single parcel or a number of pieces of excess baggage anywhere in the United Kingdom, Pack & Send has the most convenient and hassle-free international courier and freight services available.

Sending a parcel to the UK by International Courier

send parcel move to uk 1Whether you have a birthday gift, marketing material for a trade show or a carton of winter woollies for your son or daughter on their OE, your local PACK & SEND store can deliver anywhere in the UK with our International courier service.

PACK & SEND's International courier service is a prompt, tracked and traced courier service with the receivers signature obtained on delivery, making this service a reliable and safe alternative to the post.   

If your parcel is packed and ready to go, simply drop it into one of our conveniently located stores and let one of our friendly PACK & SEND team delivery it safely and securely to the door in the United Kingdom.

If you require your parcel to be picked up or packed, no problem, just contact your local Pack & Send store to arrange this at a time convenient for you.

Some items that are Fragile, Large, Awkward or Valuable require packing that ensures the safe delivery to it's final UK destination. If you are unsure on how to pack certain items or just want to have the added 'peace of mind' that the item is well packed then talk with your local PACK & SEND store about our packing services.

Be aware that sending electronic items have a number of restrictions imposed due to increased aviation security and a number of carriers will refuse to send these items. Your PACK & SEND team can easily take care of the packing and paperwork required to make this hassle-free.  

To send your parcel to the UK find your local Pack & Send store here or fill out our "Get an Estimate" form now.


send parcel move to uk 3Moving to the United Kingdom

Moving to the UK for the OE experience, or heading back home after spending time down under? Whatever the reason PACK & SEND can help make your move as easy as possible. With a range of moving services available, the team at your local PACK & SEND store can select the right freight service for your timeframe, destination or budget.

Excess Baggage via Sea Freight

When you only have a few items to take like your computer, tools of your trade, mountain bike, text books and a wardrobe of clothes and shoes, or it just isn't practical to take everything with you then the PACK & SEND Excess Baggage via Sea Freight option will be the most cost effective freight service for you. Excess Baggage via Sea Freight allows for small shipments to be combined with other small shipments with a common destination(UK). Once the shipments have been cleared by UK Customs they are then delivered to your nominated address.

Sea Freight to the UK

If you want to take your favourite couch, big screen TV and all the kids toys then the PACK & SEND UK Sea Freight options will be best suited to this type of move. Sea Freight is available "to the door" or "to the port". These options allow for greater flexibility as well as certainty depending on your circumstances, budget or situation.

Sea Freight to the Door

This service is a dedicated furniture removalist service right to the door in the UK. With regular shipping services to the UK, this is a great way to send all your furniture and personal belongings to your new address. Once your shipment has been cleared by UK Customs your items are delivered by furniture truck right to your door. Transit times can vary with the PACK & SEND Sea Freight to the Door service, please check with your local PACK & SEND store for an approximate timeframe.send parcel move to uk 2

Sea Freight to the Port

The Sea Freight to the Port service is designed for more general freight and commercial shipments. The PACK & SEND Sea Freight to the Port service ships weekly to the UK with an approximate transit time of 7 to 8 weeks. Your items are shipped to the UK via the port at Southampton. There will be charges to pay upon your goods arriving into port and these will need to be paid before your items are ready for collection or delivery.    

Whatever it is that you want to take with you, your local PACK & SEND team will work out the best option for you, including specialised packing for your more valuable or sentimental items.

To get more information about moving to the UK find your local PACK & SEND store here or fill out our "Get an Estimate" form now.