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PACK & SEND is a company that offers a complete range of postal, freight, courier, packing and removalist services operating through a national retail network. We are continuing to grow our retail network through franchising.


Open 5.5 days a week, we manage packaging, freight and message sending services for businesses of all sizes, as well as for householders and tourists. Our freight solutions range from sending a 20gm letter to a 1 tonne consignment.

We offer over 30 different freight services, enabling us to deliver to any destination on the planet. Message sending services include not only courier and mailing of hard documents but the electronic transmission of messages. We sell packaging supplies and can custom pack items of any size or weight.

We are the industry leader with respect to handling goods that are fragile, large, awkward, and valuable.

Through our retail network, we differentiate ourselves from the traditional methods of servicing customer needs in the freight market. We achieve this by offering powerful freight solutions through a combination of experience, first class operating systems, strategic partners and the entrepreneurial spirit of our franchisees. We have the following competitive strengths:

Broad range of services

The fundamental distinction between PACK & SEND and other traditional freight carriers is that we provide the world's largest range of freight and packing services that enable us to provide "the very best solution" to our customers. Our broad product and service range is an essential element of the "convenience" that our market demands. The complete 'one stop shop' service is a competitive advantage.

Brand name


PACK & SEND boasts a strong and consistent branding that represents "excellence" in everything we do. Our customers equate "packaging", and "convenience in sending items" with the PACK & SEND brand. Universal brand awareness is being predominantly achieved through franchising. Our extensive retail network provides increased visibility and with every additional PACK & SEND Store joining the network, brand awareness multiplies. PACK & SEND presents an extremely professional corporate image, and great care is taken to monitor the consistency of the image for and on behalf of franchisees.

Retail network

Our retail network enables us to access markets that are simply not viable for traditional freight companies to service directly. We are an important physical link for the courier and private mail industry, which has a growing market segment requiring use of services from our convenient locations. Additionally our retail network enables us to create powerful logistical solutions for national companies.

Operating Systems

PACK & SEND has developed comprehensive systems in both operations, marketing and financial controls for franchisees and represents a significant part of our intellectual property.

Customer Service

PACK & SEND customers become raving fans as we continuously exceed their expectations, through delivering legendary levels of service. Our distinct competitive advantage in convenience and exceptional customer service includes elements such as professional packing services, address labelling of parcels, professional enquiry handling, document preparation, delivery follow up, multiple freight options, credit card facilities, late pick-ups, industry leading customer care and convenient locations. These elements consistently bring people back time after time.

Strategic Partnerships

At PACK & SEND we believe strongly in the added value that can be passed on to customers through the development of excellent strategic partnerships with our suppliers. PACK & SEND has developed alliances with major corporations that enhance our capabilities and service offerings.