Trade Me shipping for your spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning? Need Trade Me Shipping?

Budding Trade Me Entrepreneur?


If “Ka ching” is sweet music to your ears then PACK & SEND can put the icing on the cake.


If you’re Trade Me shipping then think PACK & SEND! We are the team behind New Zealand’s wheelers and dealers by providing a large range of courier and freight services around the country. Whether you have a single small item or an entire collection to be relocated our nationwide network can provide you a complete service. If your parcels are time sensitive, we offer overnight delivery and same-day delivery options for anything anywhere!


Spring clean the clutter

Can the clutter! Pack & Send specialise in Trade Me shipping services.

Selling on Trade Me?

Trade Me Shipping to get cash for Christmas? Do your asset stripping with PACK & SEND.

Our national network of conveniently located retail stores means that you can lodge your items or parcels with us and trust us to deliver ‘anything anywhere’ from car parts to carpets.

Short on time?

We can make life even easier when all you need to do is call us to arrange a pick-up from your home. Also there is no minimum weight as stipulated by some other courier companies. We can even help you pack and send particularly breakable or unusually shaped high value goods.

If you’re sending across the city or across the country, PACK & SEND has the Freight and Courier services to suit any need. We can deliver to the door of virtually every address nationwide.

Trade Me shipping services for spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning? We can help you pack and despatch the clutter!

PACK & SEND handles a wide selection of domestic freight services

This includes budget courier, overnight express and same day delivery for smaller packages. We also offer line haul and sensitive freight for larger items. Contact your closest service centre so we can tailor make solution to meet your exact requirements. Get a free freight cost estimate now so you can provide buyers on Trade Me the Trade Me shipping pricing they need so they can get bidding.

Find out more about PACK & SEND’s Trade Me Shipping services. Get a price for your seller here via your nearest store location.