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Students getting ready to PACK & SEND

With the end of the year fast approaching students from all around the country are starting to “hunker down” in preparation for end-of-year exams. At the same time the team at PACK & SEND are getting ready for the annual student migration from their home stays, university halls and student flats back to their comfortable homes where Mum and Dad will cook, clean and generally run around after them until it’s time to go back and do it all over again!!

The vans have been serviced for the pick ups involving beds, desks, mountain bikes, and other flatting paraphernalia. The box walls have been replenished to provide plenty of super-strong packing boxes for the extra clothes and books that have been acquired over the previous eight months and extra bubble wrap has been ordered to help with the packing of the gaming computers, 42 inch plasma TV’s, Playstations and Xboxes and the other ‘essential items’ that every student needs to help get them through the academic year.
As time management doesn’t seem to be part of any curriculum oftenPACK & SEND stores receive items from students just as they are about to jump on a plane back home. That’s no problem for our stores, as we can pack and send everything to the nominated address within a couple of days.

Some PACK & SEND stores also offer a storage service for those students who are returning after the summer break or don’t have a fixed abode when they first leave – this is often the case with graduating students who are travelling overseas to take up newly found employment, with the PACK & SEND store forwarding the items on once they are settled.

If you need help moving at the end of the year or know and love someone that needs help then please click here to learn more about PACK & SEND‘s Student Moving services and make an enquiry to the closest store. Click Here


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