student navigate moving in 2018

Back to Uni? Ready to Navigate 2018? We major in student moving!

Is shifting flats on next month’s curriculum?

You’ve had an adventurous study-free holiday break, your vitamin D levels are looking pretty impressive and with time out from lecture rooms you’re feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to smash 2018 out of the park right?!

Student holiday combi van

Don’t you love that vague, blissful feeling of not really knowing what day or time it is? Exams are the last thing on your mind for once however in a couple of weeks you’ll need to at least figure out how to get your gear to your designated accommodation in time to get your study on.

February is looming and the team at Pack & Send are anticipating the annual student migration from their holiday abodes, be it tents, campers, holiday homes or Mum and Dad’s! University is calling and we’re answering, ready to help you with your student move. Pack & Send have got with the program and all modesty aside we’re the professors in freight and logistics! We have stores nationwide covering main tertiary institutes across the country and we’re ready for the ‘back to uni’ onslaught!

For Pack & Send Student Moving is Elementary

Don’t put it off and get stuck high and dry – you know as well as we do that student accommodation is as scarce as rocking horse dung at this time of the year. If you’re moving to another destination across town or around the country get a quote with us now.

Student electronic gearOurs vans have had a good servicing and they’re and ready to rock – we’ll pick up your bed, desk, recreational gear and whatever array of flatting paraphernalia you have and get them to your new pad.

We’ve also ordered up big time on sturdy boxes and packaging materials for your text books, electronic equipment and the like. Heck maybe you’ve splurged on a 50 plus inch flat screen TV in the Boxing Day sales – can you believe what a bargain they are right now? You can trust Pack & Send to protect it and deliver it to its destination in one piece in time for the new season of your favourite guilty pleasure – mindless sitcom TV!

Short on moola? Ask us for a competitive quote!

We understand that to maximise your holiday fun times you may have milked your bank account so we make a point of looking after our scholarly clientele with cheap freight and great rates for our student moving services.

Did you know some of our stores also provide a storage facility service for those of you returning after the summer break without a fixed address? You may have already graduated and relocating or perhaps you decided to stay in New Zealand a while before returning back overseas. Maybe you’ve found a job and need to relocate to another city or town? We can pack and or forward all of your items locally, or internationally. Empty pockets student moving

We could write a thesis on student moving but we won’t bore you! Moving soon or know someone who is? We can move small valuable possessions or a small flat load anywhere, find out more about our student moving services or contact your nearest store for advice and pricing. Over all this damn texting, emailing and messaging and would rather engage with a real person? You can also call us on 0508 722 548!