Widely regarded as the “King of packing”, PACK & SEND Albany Franchisee Garry Le Verne had the recent task of packing and sending a model ship to the United Kingdom.

“It was going to our customer’s son who had moved to the UK some time ago and had always loved the model ship that his father painstakingly built as he was growing up” says Garry.


Packing this type of model is not for the faint hearted. Measuring over 160cm in length, the model ship sat in a bed of Foam-In-Place, supported with more foam to keep the model away from the sides of a large custom-made cardboard carton.

“Between here and the UK the model ship will go through a number of hands and conveyor systems so I had to make sure it was well packed to withstand the usual knocks and bangs that occur in the handling process. I can happily say that the son was rapt to receive his ‘New Toy’ in the same condition that it left our store” remarked Garry.

The Foam-In-Place technology is not only used in the delicate packing of models and sculptures but also for the protection of sensitive electronics and IT equipment.

“While Garry was packing the model ship, we also had half a tonne of audio visual equipment that needed to be packed then airfreighted to Queensland for a retro-fit of a super yacht. We used the Foam-In-Place to pack the large speakers and audio equipment to minimise any vibration during transit as this can damage the sensitive components inside the cabinetry” says Cherry Le Verne.

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