So it’s been on the to-do list for a while but you still haven’t rolled out your personal or corporate Christmas gifts yet? It’s understandable when work is so manic and everyone wants everything by Christmas!! Oh we so get it, you just have to leave your general Christmas shopping until you have time, we’ve all got more pressing priorities right?

Tell you what, you do the shopping over the weekend and we’ll sort it from there. Hand your Christmas packages over to us (or we’ll pick up) and get them delivered them across town, or to another location around NZ, or somewhere across the globe – but if you come in after Monday you’re risking some disappointed rellies! Ship Christmas parcels with us.

If you have friends or family in managed isolation we can also drop a care package off to them – whether it’s Timaru or Timbuktu!

We’ve conservatively recommended December 7th as an overseas sending cut-off date for your parcels going on our international couriers, the 11th for Aussie and the 18th for the rest of NZ.

Give your closest PACK & SEND a call and sort your last minute seasonal sending!