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Pack & Send your wishes to loved ones around the country!

We know Christmas is an expensive time of the year so we’ve sharpened up our domestic budget courier service prices for the seasonal period.

  • Competitive gift sending rates
  • Convenience – no queuing behind people paying their bills 
  • Book a reliable courier via our friendly service centres

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Why join the line when you’re tight on time? 

Parcel WeightPACK & SEND
Intra Island rate
Inter Island rate
Intra Island rate
Inter Island rate
25+ – 30kg
$42.00$95.00Over limitOver limit
20+ – 25kg


15+ – 20kg
10+ – 15kg
5+ – 10kg$17.00$27.00$17.60$27.40
0+ – 5kg$15.00$25.00$8.80 $14.00
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Send heavier or larger gifts with us

If your local post agency can’t send more sizeable items such as toys for example, don’t stress, with this offer you can still send a large box of up to .14 of a cubic metre, or as a guideline up to 52cm x 52cm x 52cm or physical weight of 25kg.

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T & C’s

Pre-packed, in-store domestic freight only price, excl. rural delivery charges. Maximum length limit exceeds 1.6m and package is based on box size (volumetric weight) or physical weight, whichever is greater. Offer expires 24th Dec 2019.

Sending gifts worldwide or need help with packing?

If you think Santa maybe too tied up to deliver your Christmas presents abroad AND on time then ask your closest PACK & SEND service centre about our everyday competitive international courier rates. They can also expertly package Fragile, Large, Awkward or Valuable (FLAV) gifts for you to make sure they get there in one piece!

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