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Care packages never go out of vogue. Why not send a bit of positivity to someone you haven’t seen for a while or who has had their world rocked by Covid-19 to show you’re thinking of them?

While we unite to stamp out the coronavirus pandemic across the globe with social isolation, it’s vital for many of us to stay in touch with our loved ones. A thoughtful gift can go a long way to lift someone up during times of uncertainty and emotional and/or financial upheaval.
Care packages can be picked up by your closest PACK & SEND service centre using hygienic and contactless delivery practices, and even packed if required, and shipped safely to your loved ones.

Wouldn’t it just make someone’s day if one of our couriers rocked up their driveway with a bundle of useful surprises?  PACK & SEND have some suggestions below on what you might want to include when sending care packages, so the only thing that is spread around the community at the moment is a bit of happiness!

care package

The basics – especially for elderly parents or grandparents

Not all of us can afford luxuries right now for ourselves far less others, however we all need essentials such as food items, and health and wellbeing  products at this time. Perhaps you have some excess supplies, coffee beans, tea, baking or non-perishable goods? Canned products are ideal pantry staples, particularly for seniors who could be waiting well over a week for supermarket delivery services.  If they have a pet, some food or toys would be a nice touch to make sure they’re being well looked after too! Hygiene products such as soaps, latex gloves, and face masks all come in handy – and will give you peace of mind also.  Leading up to colder months, think about including some heavier clothing items or a  blanket in your care package, yes we can even send heaters and appliances.  The weight of essential items can add up, so make sure you pack everything robustly, using a sturdy, double layer cardboard box (we can repack for you if required), and keep the total weight of each box under 25kgs to keep your freight costs down if possible.

Pamper Hamper 

It’s been a while since we’ve frequented a cafe or bar! While we all need to take a break from socialising with a few drinks for the timebeing, a relaxing bottle of wine or large bottle of craft beer can still be one of life’s simple pleasures enjoyed just as equally at home. As you may well know by now PACK & SEND’s forte is sending fragile items including glass. We even have some custom packaging for wine bottles to ensure they’re well protected inside the box so they will get there safely.
Throw in some of your lucky recipient’s favourite crackers, spreads, chocolates, sweets, coffee, tea and you’ve got yourself an awesome hamper to raise their spirits during this trying time.

Top tip: Make it even more enjoyable by purchasing two of each item, send one to your friend or family member and keep one for yourself and then get on a video call and enjoy together! PACK & SEND offers a packing service whether you’re sending one hamper, a few, or even hundreds to your hardworking staff members for example. Ask about our professional packing services and let us take care of everything for you.

Books, Magazines or Course Materials

In a digital world sometimes we miss out on the wonderful, somewhat old-fashioned and tactile experience of reading a good book. We all have our favourite books or mags that mean a lot to us for various reasons.  At a time when we can’t even go to the public library, why not send a selection of books, or upskilling materials such and courses or personal development tools you’ve used from your personal collection. People who aren’t working at the moment will cherish this productive use of their spare time.  Ask them to do the same thing for you, and you can be one another’s library! Later, you can share your thoughts on the shared books over a phone call or video chat with your own virtual book club!

Games, Wellbeing Equipment and Fitness Gear

Many of us are feeling the loss of our favourite physical activities such as visiting the gym, public swimming pool, or playing team sport, to name just a few.  If your loved ones don’t have much in the way of home exercise equipment, why not send them some?  PACK & SEND can literally send almost anything, anywhere, so if you want to splurge and send them an entire home gym set or the latest PlayStation, we can definitely help with that, but most of us are on limited budgets right now. How about yoga mats, fitness balls, foam rollers and resistance bands that can be enjoyed indoors without taking up too much space? If you’re sending to a family, you can economically send a few board games, a deck of cards or a ball for backyard soccer.

Call or email us to book a care package pick up and delivery

As an essential service provider, PACK & SEND is still open for business behind closed doors – sending around NZ and Worldwide.  We prefer that you book online or call us to arrange your pick ups and deliveries using safe and contactless methods during level 3 and 4. Get a quote for your care package parcel today by calling 0508 722 548 or find your closest service centre at