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Pack & Send offers a complimentary freight audit to boost your bottom line

Pack & Send’s growing franchise network affords us better buying power for small to medium sized businesses around New Zealand. We’re in it for the long haul so we can often negotiate better rates from the big freight carriers when the average business can’t. Our stores service a wide range of businesses around the country from art dealers to electronics exporters.

If you need to transport goods around New Zealand or overseas Pack & Send provides a range of packaging and freighting options via road, sea or air.

B2B Freight Audit

Triton Commercial has been using Pack & Send for over 8 years to export electronics

Triton offers a range of actionable business intelligence solutions predominantly for the meat processing industry. They provide their customers cutting edge, food production management technology and are committed to streamlining hardware and software systems that enable plants to reduce labour, increase yield, ensure quality and create traceability.

Triton mainly ship to Australia and New Caledonia and use a wide scope of Pack & Send’s services for their business logistics including: custom boxes, foam in place packaging molds and pallet production; packing and international air freight.

Ash Price Triton Group Operations Manager says. “Triton Commercial Systems Ltd have been utilising the services provided by the team at Pack & Send for 8+ years. In addition to providing a hassle free door to door freight service to our customers throughout Australasia; Pack & Send manufacture and print our cardboard boxes complete with custom foam inserts to protect our fragile computer equipment, and make custom wooden crates to order for our larger conveying systems. We have always found Pack & Send to be cost competitive, friendly, competent and reliable”.

Triton electronics shipping


Pack & Send specialise in business logistics and are adept at arranging the transportation of complex, oversized, fragile or sensitive freight – locally and across the globe.

We provide courier and freight services to a myriad of industries with the experience, capability, knowledge and expertise to offer bespoke logistics options for any sized operation. Our work for Triton systems showcases the breadth of our services and our ability to transport delicate equipment safely to overseas destinations using our trusted international air freight services.

Air and Sea Freight are the lifeblood of New Zealand exporters’ logistical infrastructure

Our No Limits philosophy demonstrates that Pack & Send can provide a Freight Forwarding solution for products and deliveries of any size or weight nationally or internationally. As a popular sending method for larger, less urgent items using Sea Freight can really keep your logistics budget afloat – the New Zealand agricultural industry relies heavily on this method of transport.

Items with a propensity to be air-freighted are predominantly manufactured items and parts. Many small Kiwi businesses also use our courier services, whether you’re after an express courier, an overnight option or budget courier we can get it there!

Are you a small business, corporate and government department? We pack and freight items for a diverse range of industries and will tailor make a logistics solution for any sized operation.

Are your Freight costs making your CFO sweat?! international freight cfo

Contact your closest store now for  a complimentary WOF to see if we can help to trim the fat off your logistics spend for the next financial year!