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It can get really confusing knowing all of the limitations of what you can and can’t send overseas. While we can deliver virtually ‘anything, anywhere’ there are various restrictions we need to adhere to particularly around customs requirements and the aviation industry who governs stringent international regulations for shipping certain items.

Go straight to the cheat sheet for all you can and can’t send using our Online Book & Pay platform compared to visiting us in-store for premium service where you can get expert advice on custom packaging, documentation requirements and customs information.

Our most common customer queries via our service centres are around shipping lithium batteries, cash, credit cards, firearms and valuable items such as jewellery and watches which are usually problematic. Also we get queries about sending food and alcohol in which there can be issues depending on whether they’re commercially packed and on the destination you’re sending to.

As a rule most restrictions you’ll encounter are around shipping illegal, prohibited, restricted, dangerous and valuable goods, and when importing items into NZ similar regulations apply.

If you’re unsure of items or countries you can’t send to ‘save time, trouble and money’ by contacting your closest Pack & SEND service centre for professional advice.