For most people sending parcels overseas or around New Zealand is both time consuming and often frustrating.

People waiting in queue to send parcel. Finding a suitable box, packing the item correctly so it doesn’t get damaged, measuring the box to know it’s weight and dimensions, labelling the box correctly so it gets to the right destination, then waiting in line at the post office or at home or the office for the courier to pick it up takes an enormous amount of time. Even worse when you find out that it’s too big or too heavy and then you need to start all over again can create significant irritation.

At your local PACK & SEND Store you have the flexibility to do as much or as little as you want when you want to send something overseas or around the country. Simply bring in what you want to send, either packed or unpacked, and the team at PACK & SEND will do the rest. Better still there aren’t any queues!!

No Limits Sending

Most couriers and the post office have restrictions on what you can send. Commonly these restrictions include nothing weighing over 25Kgs or the length that exceeds 1.5 metres. Other than the post office, you often need to set up an account with a courier company and buy books of 20 tickets before you can start sending – that’s no good if you only want to send one item.


At PACK & SEND there are no limits to the weight or size of your parcel(s) and a service that will meet your needs. Sending files back to the Head Office in Sydney, a new laptop to the sales rep based in Napier, all your old baby clothes to your best friend who’s expecting in Wellington, that new carbon fibre paddle for your kayak from Murchison, are daily items packed and sent from PACK & SEND stores.

You don’t need to set up a freight account

Whether you send a parcel every now and again or ten consignments every day PACK & SEND has a cost management solution for you too. For the infrequent sender simply pay by cash, eftpos or credit card at the time of sending your parcel, there’s no need to buy books of tickets from your courier and let them sit in the bottom drawer for months. For the business customer or high volume user, talk with your local PACK & SEND store about our Advantage Partner Program to help make sending easy.

Get the full story when sending overseas

Unfortunately gone are the days when you simply send something overseas and it reaches its destination with minimal interruption. Nowadays every parcel will go through multiple security clearances, be subject to customs authority scrutiny, requires correct documentation, and be handled by a number of automated and manual sorting “hubs” before it is delivered to its final destination.

The team at PACK & SEND are experts when sending overseas and can fully inform you of the processes involved to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience. Different countries have different rules, regulations and documentation, some countries have restrictions on what you are allowed to send and all countries have some form of customs control. Your local PACK & SEND store has a wealth of knowledge when you need to send something, somewhere.

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Try our online freight calculator when sending a parcel around the country

To help save time and money try our online freight calculatorwhen you want to send a parcel around New Zealand.

Simply select your local PACK & SEND store and destination suburb followed by the weight and dimensions of the parcel and the calculator will give you a price to send it. If you wish to proceed with sending your parcel then complete the address details, print out the address label and bring the parcel into your chosen store – easy!!

Want to know more about sending parcels overseas or around the country?

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