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Finishing a work contract?
Relocating around NZ or overseas?

We understand how overwhelming it is! Let Pack & Send lessen the load so you can hit the the road!

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It’s that time of the year when you’re finishing fixed term work contracts and you need to get your gear back home, whether it’s around New Zealand or abroad we don’t snub our nose at moving small items. Whether it’s recreational gear, excess luggage, your valuables or a wide range of belongings we can pack it and send it to any destination.

No moving job too small – less than a roomful is our forte

Sick of phoning furniture removal companies who think you’re just a small fry? Pack & Send say “yes” to small moves when others say “hell no”!

We’ll make life a breeze with all of your end of year moving needs – from small household or room moves to packing and delivering your personal items overseas in tact and on budget. We’re the mini-move experts who love to sweat the small stuff. If you’ve only got a few smaller items to send, we’ll pack and deliver it anyway for you. If your work contract is up and you want to move your personal items abroad we offer ultra competitive pricing, especially to the U.S.A, Asia, Canada, UK and Australia.

Is packing just not your bag?

Full service – from packing to delivering your gear ‘from here to there’

You focus on your Christmas shopping list while we do everything for you!

Our retail network, packaging and moving expertise allows us to offer economical alternatives for moving a single piece to a roomful of furniture through our courier, sensitive freight and international shipping services. We also co-ordinate packaging, storage and freight to virtually any destination locally or across the globe.

Relocating offices and IT gear?

Moving offices

We all dread moving offices and its inherent problems – losing your stapler pales in comparison losing your internet for a whole day when your work station is being shifted to the other side of town. It’s unnerving being off the grid for so long these days!

If you are relocating your workplace we can also help you with furniture and equipment moves and we must admit we’re pretty adept at packing and delivering fragile IT equipment – so don’t get your cables in a tangle call the experts at Pack & Send!


Wanting to Keep your Clients Sweet? We can also send your Corporate Gifts

We look after a range of businesses who want to send Christmas cheer to clients elsewhere. With time being of the essence and only a handful of weeks to go until Christmas, the team at Pack & Send also provide wine bottle packaging and super strong cartons to protect special gifts for businesses who’ve really looked after you this productive work year.

We also do customised cardboard art boxes for precious canvas paintings and then send them around the country or overseas in time for the lucky receiver to enjoy just before they leave for their holidays!

Whether you’re moving smaller items locally or abroad or need you’re bedroom or office moved we can deliver. Call 0508 722 548 now or drop your closest store an email for a customised quote .