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Don’t get tipped up when sending overseas with Sea Freight

Sending by Sea Freight

Ocean Freight is often an economical way to send lots of stuff overseas. Whether you have items of furniture, lots of packing boxes or you’re looking to export your products to another country, Sea Freight can be an excellent alternative to Air Freight. There’s lots to know when sending via Sea Freight and often customers aren’t given the full story at the start and end up with some nasty surprises(and charges) when their goods arrive. Read on to find out whether Sea Freight is the option for you.

LCL and FCL Sea Freight

The most common way to send via Sea Freight is LCL or “Less than a Container Load” which means your goods will be travelling with other customers goods within the same container. Depending on what you are sending, your goods can be palletised or packed as loose freight within the container. If you have a number of cartons then we would strongly recommend that you palletise your shipment to ensure the safe, full delivery at destination. The minimum charges for LCL freight are based on one cubic metre.pack send riccarton student sea freight uk

When you want to move your entire home contents or have a large commercial shipment then FCL, or a “Full Container Load” may be the better alternative to LCL. Your goods will travel within their own container. Containers are either 20 foot or 40 foot and become a cost effective solution when you have approximately 10 cubic metres are more to send. The charges associated with moving a container are based on the size of the container therefore the more you send the better the cost effectiveness is.

Transit Times

Sea Freight is great for those that don’t have deadlines or a desperate need for their goods. Depending on the final destination and the type of service selected the transit times for Sea Freight is anywhere from two weeks to Australia, to three months for some Northern Hemisphere destinations. Delays can be due to filling a LCL container, weather issues during transit, or industrial action at the port.

Sending with Sea Freight – Get the full story

When sending with Sea Freight, either LCL or FCL, there are three groups of charges that every shipment will incur.

  • Origin and Export Charges – These charges are the New Zealand based charges which include pick up, packing and/or palletising, export documentation, and sea freight and fuel charges.
  • Destination Charges – When the goods arrive at their final destination a number of fixed charges are payable before they are released. These charges include port and terminal handling charges, import charges and possible quarantine or delivery charges. Destination charges can be pre-paid with origin and export charges to reduce delays.
  • Government Customs Duties and Taxes – all shipments may be subjected to duties and taxes. The charges will depend on the type of shipment. For example a commercial shipment may be subject to GST or VAT or a specific tariff, and a personal shipment may be charged a clearance fee.

Unfortunately a number of customers are only advised of the first group of charges and are left with further charges when they uplift their goods. It’s important to know the full story so you can plan and budget for these charges and avoid any unexpected surprises!!

PACK & SEND Sea Freight Services

At PACK & SEND you can choose from a Sea Freight Service that suits your budget and timeframe.

  • Sea Freight to the Door – Shipping to the Door can be a lower cost alternative to air freight but with the same convenience of a kerbside delivery at your international destination. The service consolidates your freight with other shippers to keep shipping costs to a minimum. This service includes all documentation, both here in New Zealand and at your final destination, export and terminal handling charges, customs clearance, as well as the international sea freight and delivery to the door. This shipping service excludes payment of customs duties and taxes which may occur at the final destination.
  • Sea Freight to the Port – With weekly sailings to over 250 destinations worldwide our Sea Freight to the Port service is an economical option when shipping large, bulky, heavy goods overseas. This service includes all export documentation and charges, and Sea Freight to the Port. As some countries or destinations within countries do not allow the door to door service, your goods will be shipped to a safe and secure, controlled depot at the destination port. Destination and terminal handling charges, customs clearance and delivery fees will be arranged and payable by you as the goods reach the destination port prior to you uplifting your goods. As part of our service, your PACK & SEND store will provide you with the necessary documentation and contacts required to make this process as easy as possible.


To learn more about PACK & SEND’s Sea Freight Services contact your local PACK & SEND store and discuss your requirements with one of the team.



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