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Sending to Europe?

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Was geht ab? (“What’s up?” in German). Thinking of shipping to the UK, Germany, France or anywhere in Europe? When you need to send a single parcel or a number of items packed or sent anywhere in the United Kingdom or Europe, Pack &  Send has the most convenient and hassle-free international courier, shipping and freight services available. Did you know if you’re sending under 30kg we can send a box to Europe faster and cheaper thank ever? Whether you’re sending from Austria to Turkey we’ll pretty much send anything, anywhere – don’t be barmy phoning every other delivery service – get an estimate now!
Send to FranceNeed Freight from NZ to UK? Many of us have a child doing their OE that has forgotten something when they’ve left NZ for their Euro adventure, or we have sibling we want to send a parcel to for a birthday, perhaps you have promotional items you need to dispatch to Europe for an expo.  If time is of the essence we strongly recommend our reliable International parcel or European courier service, when you need quick, tracked and traced delivery. The receivers signature will always be obtained on acceptance of delivery, it’s a safe alternative to the postal service without the long wait.

Need Courier Services to Europe?

Need a fast delivery to Europe? Have important documents or urgent items to send abroad quickly our international courier to Europe and beyond? We can get it there via our super fast and reliable courier service to Europe.Whether you have valuable personal effects, or tenders, banking, immigration and legal documents, marketing materials for tradeshows you can rely on us to get it delivered virtually to any door in Europe.

Economy Air Freight Service to the EU

Need freight from New Zealand to Germany or France, the UK or beyond? PACK & SEND offers a dependable economy air freight service direct from Aotearoa the door to most destinations in Europe. Why send via Economy Air? This is the best method of sending Trade Show equipment, large or numerous consignments, more sizeable pieces of art or bigger quantities courie to europeof personal items ie. clothing, recreational gear, and for sending tools abroad for a new job. The economy air freight service includes customs clearance in the UK or the selected European destination and delivery to the door making it a faster alternative to Sea Freight so you can ship to the UK or Europe with ease.

Sea Freight Box Service to European Destinations including France and Germany

If you have a large amount of excess baggage or other personal items that need to get back to the UK or Europe and you’re not in a hurry to receive them, then the Pack & Send Sea Freight Box Service is an economical sea freight option that includes delivery to the door.

Check out our video to learn more about this cheap way to send all your goods back to the UK or Europe.

European destinations include: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey

Need cheap delivery to Europe? Check out our Sea Freight Services

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Perhaps you’re a business shipping frequently to Europe? Our international cargo shipping and freight forwarding options can send larger, more bulky items to suit all budgets via sea freight getting your goods to the major ports within the EU. Need Customs Clearance, Port Handling and Local Delivery Assistance, we can help facilitate this at the destination.

If you want to take your favourite sofa, that 65inch flat screen and family’s toys or other household items Europe Sea Freight service will be best suited to get your belongings to your final destination. Sea Freight is available for shipping goods “to the door” or “to the port” allowing for greater flexibility depending on your circumstances and budget.

Whatever it is that you want to take with you, your local PACK & SEND team will work out the best option for you, including specialised packing for your more valuable or sentimental items.

Need cheap delivery to Europe? Call us or request an estimate today via your closest store.