Can you carry batteries on your holiday flight?

Travelling via air on your Christmas break? What you need to know about carrying batteries on planes Getting ready for the Auckland border to open, flying from elsewhere? Did you know that the International Air Transport Association Dangerous…
ebike lithium battery fire
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Lithium battery sending – what you need to know

Dangerous Goods Regulations are Heating Up - Clarifying Lithium Batteries One of our most frequently asked queries is whether we can send lithium batteries. Did you know lithium batteries are classed as Dangerous Goods? You will be hard pressed…
send lithium battery phone overseas
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Sending Small Lithium Batteries by Air Freight – Just how dangerous is your smart phone?

Can you send lithium batteries? Need to send a smart phone, tablet or something similar overseas that is powered by a Lithium Battery? Did you know that these items are regarded as Dangerous Goods and a number of freight, courier companies…