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Sick of hearing the big players in the freight industry say your business is too small-time for their services? Pack & Send can help! We support Kiwi entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses every day of the week offering competitive pricing for your requirements.

If you’re a Trade Me Top Seller, a regular freight sender or a small time exporter we can provide a bespoke business solution for your needs, and maybe we can free you up for bit of week day golf!

If you’re packing and/or sending volume let us give you a customised freight and logistics quote for your requirements and contact your nearest store today. If you don’t have the resources for expert packaging, you frequently sell and courier Trade Me items, or need help with moving offices, freighting merchandise to conferences and tradeshows or require warehousing and distribution we can assist!

We sent an interesting Ferrari parts shipment to the North Island recently via our Riccarton branch – you could purchase a decent family vehicle just with the value of the front bumper! We also carefully packaged and delivered some fragile angel sculptures to Gore for a small business owner who is a plasterer repairer.

These types of tricky consignments demonstrate the sheer agility and ‘horsepower’ of our nationwide network and are testament to our expert packaging and freight services. We feel ‘blessed’ that our stores can practically send anything, anywhere! Whether you’re wheeling and dealing in car parts or you plaster-fix angels Pack & Send can ‘handle it’!

Mag wheel shippingTrade Me Car Parts Shipping

Pack & Send fill a gap in the market where your shipment may be too small or difficult for the large freight companies to sort. We have business clients from a vast range of industries including IT, boutique chocolates, hotels and conventions to property developers and art galleries. You name it, we’ve probably packed and sent it!

Whether you’re after local courier and freight services around New Zealand or you require help with shipping overseas via Sea Freight or Air Freight we can offer a range of services to cover most business needs. We can ‘foam in place’ delicate items or arrange for you to send a container full of merchandise abroad. Our ‘No Limits Logistics’ philosophy means we can practically send “anything, anywhere” and find a solution to nearly every small business’s requirements.

Send sculpture

We offer BIG freight solutions for smaller businesses. Need a complimentary freight audit for your small business? Let’s talk, or give you a quote! Call 0508 722 548 or contact your nearest logistics experts here